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This site supports Ubuntu.
I hope you like the photo gallery.

I love the Fuzzy Things web comic it rocks.                                             

Need members.

PS: Sorry about not updating, I've been busy.
Oh and sorry also about the adds, I don't have the money
to get a premium website.

Fox from Fuzzy Things
Wuar ruq irb lumf ladm irb ufyev kuvjm uk ivf quvs.
Don't speak Vulpine? ok here.
I'm not going to translate for you, eK sEVtYr hYuME ÐFŒeøƒ µ§GŸ÷k£°
H֣РØÑ•••  Šø®† ºƒ ßrºK£ñ…
Fix€d... SoR† of...
ok got it

Ask and I'll add your link to the link page.
Unless it's an #&$% page (you know what it is, if you don't, don't ask).
(If you try that I will hunt you down and kick your $&%)

Email me at

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